Friday, 22 November 2013

Get Rid of the Glare

Apparently, and it must be true as it says so in the Daily Mail,  almost 3,000 accidents annually are caused by windscreen glare.  I reckon that, in my drives around the B roads of the South Hams this week, I've only just avoided having about half of this number!  It's been a nightmare with one particularly frightening moment when I had to stop dead because I couldn't see anything at all.

It's left me wondering whether this could be an age thing.  That low bright sunshine on windscreens in late autumn didn't seem to be half as troublesome when I was younger.  Or perhaps I didn't head off in the same direction early morning in those days.

Anyway, to stop others among you feeling the same terror, I've found this article to share that gives rather handy tips on how to deal with this.  It looks like my mucky pup windscreen may a big part of this problem.  So, I'll be getting on the case this weekend and cleaning it thoroughly inside and out and making sure that I keep cleaning supplies in the car to keep it spick and span.  Then perhaps I might be able to enjoy my drives through the beautiful autumnal Devon countryside just a little bit more.


  1. That's very interesting. I too have had to stop dead because of sudden blinding sunlight - not a good thing to do !
    I also thought it was an 'age thing' but will now be cleaning my windscrean inside and out - it looks worse than the one in the picture by the way !

  2. Good information, thank you. I shall be buying some Autoglym very soon.