Thursday, 28 November 2013

Finally, Finally....

...I've finished Mr Anonymous from Guyana's safari pictures.  My lovely colleagues are all so enamoured that they've each taken one of the seventeen prints home.  Mr AfG is a little hacked off. He though that I'd be producing an original work of art just for him and didn't realise that there would be large numbers of copies.

Two tone printing has been a  bit of a challenge, one that I'll advance further down the line. I think that it's time for a rest from complicated and new technical processes.  The next two prints are going to be made just for pleasure.  They'll  have simple maritime themes and be printed in just one colour.

The other thing I need to perfect is learning how not to get ink on pretty much every surface of the house. Daubing myself so that I look like an afficionado of body paint needs to be avoided too next time around!

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