Friday, 8 November 2013

Gok-esque Slimming Squid

'Easily made from store cupboard ingredients' or some variant of this phrase is something that you might find in a cookbook.  Sod's law dictates that when you come to make the recipe yourself none of those grocery staples
can be found in your own kitchen.

In his lovely book Gok Cooks Chinese , that Wan lad has a recipe in his book  for chilli and salt squid. Blow me down but the usual stock of fresh chillis and spring onions that would normally be in my fridge were missing when I came to make this on one of my 5:2 fasting days when fishy delights are my low calorie treat at the end of the day .  Perhaps The Borrowers cook themselves oriental feasts while I'm out?

Anyway I put together my own version of this easy-peasy dish.  Take 200g of squid tubes, that come in at an amazingly paltry 100 calories, cut them in half lengthwise and score them with little zig zag patterns all over their triangular bodies.  Heat a tiny bit of groundnut oil in a pan, fry up a couple of cloves of chopped garlic, some fresh chopped ginger and some dried chilli flakes.  Oh! There's a good pinch of salt in there too.  After all it's one of the things mentioned in the recipe name.   At this stage Gok takes this stuff out of the wok but I didn't bother. I just tossed  in the squid and then cook for a couple of minutes.  Gok says it's supposed to be charred but mine didn't reach this stage.  Maybe it was because I was taking shortcuts!  Serve with a genius salad of cucumber, prepared by shaving it with a potato peeler.  The yummy dressing is just a couple of glugs of rice vinegar and a pinch of sugar, a useful addition indeed to other meals.

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