Monday, 25 November 2013

Google Doodle Doo Two!

A wee while back, when I was scratching around for things to write about whilst poorly,  I came up with the idea of  featuring  Google Doodles.  The special headers prissied up the search engine's home page only occasionally then but now they come thick and fast.  It's rare to see an unadorned logo these days.Saturday's Dr Who's 50th Anniversary edition  reminded me that there's been plenty that have caught my eye over the last couple of years.  I reckon  that an update to my original post is due.

How about this lovely Art-Deco themed one celebrating another anniversary, on this occasion the 100th year of the Tour de France.  Oh la la!

I'm sure that the layout of the London Underground might have changed a bit since I last used it.  This one marks another anniversary, this one was the 150th of the Tube.

Is Schrodinger's cat alive, dead or a combination of the two?   It's certainly a thought experiment that merits a Google Doodle.

And for those less highbrow let's celebrate the first day of summer with these charming bobbing dudes and a rolling wave.

This one doesn't work like it did on the 132th anniversary of Gideon Sundback's birthday.     On that day I was able to unzip the giant zipper, invented by the birthday boy, to reveal by search results.

And talking of interaction, Louis and I could have  picked any of the Olympic doodles which featured  suitably competitive games.  Here's the 100m hurdles.

This one's a little gem and possibly my favourite.  It celebrates the work of Saul Bass on what would have been his 93rd birthday and is a funky depiction of his film credits with a brilliant Dave Brubeck soundtrack to boot.

Here's another interactive one .  What could be better than a bit of code breaking to celebrate Alan Turin's centenary.

Certainly this Moby Dick inspired one provides inspiration for a bit of printing.

And whilst I'm not particularly a royalist I did wish Kate and William all the best on their wedding day and found the intricate celebratory Google Doodle charming.

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  1. My favourite lately was the one commemorating the first parachute jump, Oct 22!