Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Happy Sputnik Muzak

Be quick and listen to this fascinating Radio 4 programme because it's only available for another four days.  It's the story of how Tim Key, a poet and comedian, went off to Russia to find out more about the composer Vhacheslav Mescherin and his orchestra which included a theremin.  Wow!  He'd come across this music, which is so evocative of the '60s (think Vision On, Pink Panther) after being given a CD by a friend and was instantly hooked.   The tunes formed the soundtrack for the USSR in that era and were even blasted into space with the first cosmonauts.  I was pretty taken by their happy, futuristic, jangliness.  Sadly they're not available on my beloved Spotify and it looks like the albums Easy USSR Vols. 1&2 are as rare as rocking horse droppings on.  But some kind soul has made them available on YouTube so if you like tinkly space age music that would make a Martian smile, enjoy!


  1. What lovable music - it reminds me of tacky lounge music, circus music and retro video games :)

  2. Hey I'm so glad that someone followed the link and shared this with me. It's wonderful isn't it? x