Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Kickstart Whilst It's Nice and Quiet

I'm using the time that Louis is away on holiday with his dad to kickstart good health giving habits. The exercise bike is being used twice daily for bursts where I burn 75 calories each time.  I read Leonard Cohen's biography  whilst I'm pedalling away to stave off the boredom.  Leonard doesn't seem to have led a very good example in his earlier life.  My reading hasn't yet got past the time when he seems to have been taking an awful lot of illicit drugs.

Later on in his life though I know that Leonard found that meditation to be rather beneficial.  Hell, he even took himself off to a monastery years so that he could focus on his practice.  I'm well aware of how mindfulness can be helpful in my own life but good habits, where I sat observing my own breathing on a near daily basis, lapsed some time ago.  So, this week I'm trying to restore sitting practice back into my busy routine.

Once I'm up and running I can sit in silence for around forty minutes without much difficulty.  At the moment though I'm just meditating for ten minutes, guided by Mark Williams from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.  For anyone else who may want to join me in starting to discover the benefits that mindfulness practice can bring  I can't recommended his guided meditations highly enough. This collection is freely available on Spotify.

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