Thursday, 7 November 2013


With hindsight a great big hair shearing disaster has probably been waiting in the wings for some time.  It's almost  inevitable with home haircutting and I'm rather philosophical about it.  Back a  few years  over enthusiastic shaving around the fringe area resulted in half an eyebrow.  For weeks afterwards, I had to presume the role of an extra crew member off the set of the Star Trek enterprise.  Most of the time though the results are perfectly okay and by my DIY approach I save a small fortune each year in trips to a salon.

This second 'bad hair day' catastrophe was a little more severe.  It struck again around the hairline  that frames my face.  In trying to tidy up the really annoying tufty areas of  that grow at the side of my forehead  I somehow managed to create a  wide airstrip-like bald patch which reached above and beyond my left ear. Attempts to tidy up around the edges resulted in a style combination of Grayson Perry's Claire and a rude girl. Not a look that's going to catch on any time soon. There was nothing to be done but to lop the whole lot off and don a all over grade 2, a style  that I hasn't graced the Lovelygrey nogginsince my student days in Exeter. Then the lovely Mr Fred, a gentlemanly barber was in charge of my coiffure.

So what role should I play with my velvety pelt which I have to admit feels lush even if it's not so visually pleasing?  I've decided to  take on the part of a Buddhist nun.  In case you're wondering 'Never mind, it'll grow back' is my mantra!


  1. My mantra too, or you are only ever six weeks from a good haircut.

    You are lucky, you hair looks thick and lush, mine is very, very fine and seems to be absent.

  2. My hair is like this too and I call it my Pema Chodron look.