Saturday, 23 November 2013

Not a Turd...

Photo: J P Lon
....but a date!  Just as nasty though as far as I'm concerned.  Horrible gritty little beggars.   Dates that is and not turds.   I'll grant that the latter come in all shapes and sizes but I don't poke them around to discover their constituent texture.

Anyway, this post has nothing to do with vile dried fruit or indeed, bodily functions. It's to announce that I've given into my lovely colleagues,  who are more worried than I am that I'll spend the rest of my life alone, and joined a dating site.  Let's see what comes of it. After all how difficult can it be to go and have a coffee with complete strangers.  That's part and parcel of what I do as my day job.

As I'll already have worked out that I might have a cat in hell's chance of being attracted to the blokes that I meet it doesn't sound like a pursuit that's going to be terribly unpleasant.  Of course that maxim about judging a book by its cover might ring true but at the least the less successful experiences might yield some funny stories.  They certainly have for friends who've gone down this route.

I have to say that on first impressions it's a lot easier than weighing up who fancied each other at the school disco or in those murky nightclubs of my student days.  It seems nearly as childish though and has reduced me to fits of giggles.   I carefully composed an engimatic profile, uploaded a photo and then with wanton abandon, I've gone through the site and  'liked' eleven men.  What a floozy! Five hours later and already,  two with rather ridiculous pseudonyms have  'liked' me back.  Two others have rejected the preliminary advances of a wacky grey haired woman with a penchant for power tools, probably a good thing as my social calendar would get a bit too busy if they were all keen!  I'll keep you all updated on progress... if of course there ever is any.


  1. What is so dreadful about living alone? I have been married and now I am happily alone and having a wonderful life, no shouting, no farting and none of the other, bliss.

  2. I agree that there's nothing dreadful about living alone. I'm loving it but I'm just slowly exploring options. Maybe an oil rig worker who comes home annually?! x

  3. I was settled into living on my own when I met Mr. Exacting through exchanging comments on a previous blog. I felt like we were friends online for a long time before we met. Beware: exchanging emails, texts and other flirting online can be VERY addictive! Now we laugh at how debonair we tried to make ourselves sound in the virtual world.