Friday, 15 November 2013


Looking at the picture you might think that I'm going to talk about cooking today.  But you'd be wrong, Ha!  For I'm merely using a picture of chillis as a metaphor for heat.  Never let it be said that my writing is not deep and meaningful!

Predictably my direct debit for fuel charges went up last month.  EDF told me they were going to do it before they told me the new monthly charge and I was more than a bit anxious.  You see I reckoned that the combined payment for gas and electricity for £50 monthly that they calculated last year was woefully inadequate so I was expecting a bit of a hike. Imagine my delight when I found that it only went up to £57.  That's not half bad given the fact that I thought I'd had the heating on loads last year. The winter seemed to go and on didn't it?  It means that I must be doing something right.

As well as the cosy blankets, keeping the thermostat down and acclimatising myself to cope with lower temperatures  I've come up with another handy hint to save on heating bills, especially if your routine is a bit erratic.  Don't for goodness sake use the timer to put the heat on automatically.  They'll be times when the house is lovely and toasty but there's no-one to enjoy it.  That's no use to anyone and a waste of money.  Instead only turn it on when you're at home.  They'll be a short spell when you first get in when it's a bit chilly but that's a small price in return for reduced heating costs.

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  1. Well done to you for keeping your fuel usage so low. I wish my DD was in the £50s rather than the hundreds. My provider (Scottish Power Online) reduced my DD to £75 when I had a lot of credit in my account. It was clearly not enough for a 3 storey, 4 bedroomed Victorian Ice-house occupied by 6 adults. Come this year and for the first time in ages I'm starting the winter with my account in debit, so my DD has gone up to £115 a month. I have fixed my prices until Dec 2014 so the recent 8% plus rise won't affect me until next year, but I'm expecting to be owing money once the winter is over and have to increase the DD even more to cover the deficit. So far I've only had the heating on a couple of times and then only for about 20 mins just to take the edge off the chill. I'm praying for a really mild winter, and in the meantime I'm sitting here wearing 4 layers of clothing plus 2 pairs of socks and slippers. I wish I could instill the same cover-up-and-don't-waste-fuel mentality in my adult kids.