Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Premier Inn It Ain't!

Odds on,  my readers have similar interests to my own and there a few of you out there who lurve George Clark's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 just as much as Louis and I do.  So you might have caught the episode where gorgeous George and his equally luscious friend William visited the Treehotel in Sweden.  It's home to six different rooms suspended in the trees, a few of which where featured on the programme. There's another rather wonderful one, called the Blue Cone, that is perplexingly painted red.  Perhaps the person who named it was having one of those days where their brain wasn't working properly and they couldn't remember the English names for colours.  Or maybe there's some other deep and meaningful reason that's lost on me.

Not surprisingly Lou and I now want to ditch the motorhome just the once, and yep, you've guessed it for the photo is a bit of a giveaway, stay in the spaceship after dining at the game buffet that includes salmon, reindeer and Norrland bear.  Hmmm, not sure that I would want to eat Teddy but that might just be me being picky.  It seems though that our wish is not going to come true at any time in the future for B&B a night in a UFO comes in at a hefty 4400 krone, over £400 in British money!

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