Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Reward: A Vat of Tea!

Finally, after a long time mucking around to no avail, my dieting endeavours are paying dividends.   Favourite pieces of clothing are returning to the wardrobe as they fit again.  The 5:2 intermittent fasting plan is working even though exercise has become pretty much out of the question.  My knee is so unstable now that it sometimes feels as if its about to give way within the hefty knee brace that I don permanently.  I am Robowoman!

 A tentative  attempt to resume cycling on the exercise bike was aborted as five pedal rotations on the exercise bike caused neuropathic pain.  Perhaps a swim might be more successful?  Here's a handy hint for you guys out there.  Don't break your cruciate ligament if you can help it.

My pecker,  even though I didn't think I had one, is firmly up in spite of setbacks.  Now I've reached a milestone weight I can treat myself to a funky Moomin print to adorn my dining room walls. So that means that there's another reward to aim for. Seeing as I'm losing pounds at a rate of knots this incentive scheme could be a little expensive so I'm going to plump for something modestly priced.  I'll think I'll hop on over to the T&G Green website and  replace my cracked great big  15oz Cornishware tea mug.


  1. Love the Moomin pic and the mug!

  2. Well done on for your weight loss. I managed 1lb off this week despite the odds. Still hoping to make my 4st award by Xmas...only 3.5lbs to go. Sorry to hear about your knees. I have problems with mine too, probably the result of years of being overweight, but they've improved so much since I've lost weight and only bother me occasionally now, although more around this time of year. The Moomin print is great; I used to love the Moomins.

  3. Congratulations on hitting your milestone. Anything Moominy is a delightful reward in my book.