Monday, 4 November 2013

Rubbing in the Rigging

Believe it or not this was the first piece of silver that I ever took a hacksaw to, a few years back now. It was one of the pieces that I made on a beginner's silversmithing course at the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery whose courses which are held in a workshop on a farm in the middle of nowhere, come highly recommended.   I'd always seen it as an unfinished piece, a bit rough and ready and wanted to try and disguise its primitive look (aka dodgy sawing) before I viewed it a complete.  So for ages now, I've been periodically been sticking it on things, bits of swirly Fimo, a piece of sea glass, driftwood in an attempt to tart it up.

There's been a temporary lull in lino cutting activity due to lack of success in getting my latest block to translate successfully to print from work.  A different ink has partially solved the problem and now I'm waiting for a delivery of Japanese paper that, fingers crossed,  may well solve the problem completely.  As  I'm on a bit of a mission to thwart my apparently Arian trait of not finishing what I started,  I revisited my little boat again.  And with new eyes I decided that I liked it without any embellishment.  All it needed was a few more cuts, a bit of a hammer and a good polish.

So here it is.  I'll never get all of those scratches out and achieve the mirror-like finish that aspire to.  Then again this picture was taken before further rubbing with graded polishing papers.  Its now smoother than before and the marks that are left are hardly visible to the naked eye.  If I took another photo though some critical bugger would still be able to spot a few flaws!

 I'll keep going a little more this week with my therapeutic polishing activity.  Then I'll gift it, as I've been promising for years, to Salty Dog to remind her of the sea whilst she's off on her winter job at a ski resort  It can then be be regarded  as a completed piece.

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