Sunday, 10 November 2013

Solid as a Rock - Except I'm Not!

All told it's been a bit of a disastrous week what with the car prang and the bad hair day incident.  There's more and this one feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth from the body that I live in even though I've been treating it especially well lately.

All of a sudden though, BANG! Down I went.   Whilst I was just standing stock still my dodgy knee gave way without warning.  How wrong I was to think that it was getting more stable because I've increased the muscle bulk around it and decreased the weight that I was putting through it.  So, now I'm back in an acute stage of my injury where around the joint is yet again, painful and swollen.  Past experience tells me that nothing for it but to rest up as far as possible. It's not a fitting time for physical activity so bang goes that exercise regime for a few weeks again.  The setback could potentially have implications for my mental health but I'm going to try and be both philosophical and practical to keep the low mood at bay.

Last year I thought that I'd managed to avoid having surgery  and an extended period of rehab to replace my cruciate ligament.  Giving that any activity that's not carried out seated or lying down seems to poses a threat of falling at any time unless I'm armed with my leg brace and crutch, it now seems sensible for me and the surgeon to reconsider that decision.    It'll mean a few plans, like living in the motorhome, will have to be put on hold but I'm hoping the sacrifice will pay off with a return to fitness that'll last well into the future.


  1. What a nightmare week for you. I think the sensible thing would be to talk to the surgeon, as you said, you can't keep having knee problems. You will bounce back as long as you stay positive. Do you need to use light therapy? A friend of mine thinks it marvellous and it kept her from the dark maw last winter.
    Good luck!

  2. I've got a light box already. It's great and one of the things that helps keep the Seasonal Mood Swings at bay! No, if I indulge in a bit of navel gazing I'm not depressed at the moment , just a bit fed up and there's a big difference! x