Sunday, 17 November 2013

Suicide isn't Painless

In the absence of Louis as he's with his dad this weekend,  I've taken the opportunity to turn Lovelygrey Cottage into a great big drying rack. There's the washing on the clothes horse downstairs as I'm of the opinion that tumble driers are non ecological devil spawn.  And upstairs I finally have twenty satisfactory prints from the animal linocut that I made over well over three months ago.   Let's hope I don't slip and tread on them.

Producing good results has been a long old process. Now though it seems that the period of swearing and much expensive paper wastage is over as I've discovered that Caligo Safe Wash Inks and Hosho Paper from Japan are a good match for each other.

So why have I felt the need to make so many copies all in one go?  Well soon I'll cut into my original piece of lino again to make the plate for the second colour I'm going to add.  The fact that there's no going back has given this reduction technique its suicide printing nickname.   Lining everything up so the print is perfect is going to be a tough challenge.  Painless it ain't!

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