Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Lovelygrey Guide to Weigh-Ins

It's a 500 calorie day in my 5:2 fasting regime:( They're so difficult for a girl who loves her food.  And tomorrow there will be the  weigh in to see if my abstinence on Monday and Wednesday has made any difference this week.  Before I get on the scales serious preparation is needed.  Here's what I do to shave off those tinsey wincey parts of ounces that could add up to a stonking great pound or two:

  • Of course it goes without saying that I get butt naked. Cloth is heavy stuff.  Even a G-string would be significant.  Not that I wear those at my time in life.  Comfy apple catchers are more my bag!
  • The weigh-in takes place at the start of the day, the time when experience tells me that I'm likely to be lightest because I haven't  yet put anything in my tummy.
  • I take off any jewellery and glasses.
  • Surely that plaster on my finger needs to be whipped off too.
  • If hair needs a trim I'll do that beforehand ....
  • ...and I'll cut my nails!  Those on this model here look a tad too long.
  • Do you think that epilating my legs could make a difference as well?  How about plucking eyebrows?
  • Naturally there's a visit to powder my nose beforehand.  Of course that's a euphemism as real make up would add weight.
Finally, finally I find the place on the floor where the scales seem to be the kindest, breathe out fully and step on.  Will all my preparation make a pound or two's difference?