Saturday, 16 November 2013

Who the Blooming Heck is Isabel Marant?

Do you ever like much of what you see in fashion features in the newspaper?  To me most of it looks weird or grannyish and overpriced to boot.    Who pays five hundred odd quid for a blouse, I ask you.  But last week's columns sported photos of clothes by Isabel Marant for H&M and voila! (for Miss Marant is French) there were things that I actually wanted to wear at reasonable prices.  A gorgeous jacquard weave skirt, a lovely patterned linen top and beautiful knitwear including this wonderful loop knit cardie.  I didn't go much on the patterned trousers, too been there, seen that and done it in the '80s for me.

Now I've kept to most of my 2013 rules pretty well but the one about clothes buying went tits up yonks ago.  I have really trouble resisting but hey ho, we all need a vice or two.  Anyway I thought I'd saunter over to the H&M website at a leisurely pace and pick myself up a cosy woolly to take the winter chill away.  But blow me down!  I must have been living in the sticks too long, out of touch with normal life for Isabel Marant is blooming  mega famous. Her collection for the high street chain was bought up in a flash, there were queues outside stores and the shops's website crashed.  Now 'Sold Out' items are reappearing on Ebay for silly money.

So now what to do to get the look?  I could hang around the H&M website hoping that someone returns a cardie in my size.  Or I could learn to knit to knock up my own creation.  Does anyone know how to loop stitch?

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  1. Yes, it is easy but check out YouTube, you can learn all sorts of stitches there. Good luck!