Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Back To the '70s

Do you remember those power cuts that were part and parcel of the three day week in the UK in the seventies where families huddled around open fires and candles?  A lot of you might because I seem to attract a readership of a certain age, my own and beyond that is. Try as I might this blog doesn't seem to appeal to the young trendy set.  We'll just have to keep each other company in our slippers.

Anyway it was like those days again in Lovelyday Cottage last night. The storm caused the longest outtage that I can remember for many years.  It went on from around nine-ish and lasted after four this morning when I was woken up by the lights, answering machine and TV returning to business. No wonder I'm a bit knackered this morning.

Louis fretted about the darkness and I helpfully made ghost noises to comfort him.  I can be a very bad mother at times.  My concerns were of a more practical nature as in whether the  Christmas food in the fridge and freezer would spoil.  It looks like we've had a very lucky escape.


  1. I don,t remember those times but I was born during the Winter of Discontent so we were lucky enough to get an extra shovel of coal on prescription. It seems I do have my uses!

    Hope the bad weather is over for you now and you have a great Christmas.

  2. It's a vague memory for me, it was so long ago. Sorry to hear about your lack of lecky but glad that it is back now.

    Merry Christmas!