Sunday, 8 December 2013

Days Out in Somerset: Dunster by Candlelight

Note to self:  Must really learn to use a camera properly.  I had hoped to show you a host of photos from last night's event in Dunster, an ancient wool town on the edge of Exmoor but alas, my shooting skills were pitifully woeful.  Most of the pictures were blurry and crap.  There was a good one of carol singers but as the Christmas tree around which they sung, seemed to have been planted at a slant  even that made my photography look decidedly shaky. Honest guv,   it was the tree and not my dodgy camera angle.

So you can't see, amongst other things, the two Punch and Judy shows, the wood yard with its fantastical sculptures, a modern day take on a fairground organ. scouts making pancakes, drummers that made us tap our feet enthusiastically or the meerkat from Exmoor Zoo that we stroked.   Yes, we stroked a meerkat!  He was a bit rough. You'll just have to take my word for it that the event was brilliant fun, despite the long queue for the shuttle bus back to Minehead.  Best of all it was free to enter although let's hope that traders in the town and the St Margaret's Hospice charity, for whom the event has been held for the last twenty plus years, benefited hugely.


  1. Me and my camera don't seem to see eye to eye these days either! Sounds like a great evening, and the photo you've shared does get the atmosphere across! Better luck on your next outing...

  2. This sounds like the outdoor "First Night" that some cities have on New Year's Eve:
    My city has an outdoor concert and fireworks on NYE but it's often -20 so I don't go!

  3. I haven't been to Dunster for many years; I used to go there when I worked at an hotel in Minehead. Happy days.