Sunday, 1 December 2013

Getting My Oats!

Ha!  Anyone who thought that this might be a post about dating would be wrong.  I'm certainly not the kind of girl to move that fast!   A week into communicating online with men who I might have a coffee with has left me seriously unenamoured. That's even after I take account of the fact that the blokes that I've chatted to seem to be reasonable, pretty well adjusted human beings with more than half a brain cell.   It's just that the process takes up time and head space that I wonder if I could be using in a more productive way.   Perhaps at this time in my life I'm more predisposed to being single. Still, we'll see how it goes and let the subscription lapse at the end of the sign-in period if nowt comes of it.

No, the post today is about porridge,  organic, jumbo oats to be precise.  They're my favoured breakfast fayre these days and jolly healthy stuff.  What I want to get across is that they're so blooming cheap when compared to other cereals that have been mucked about with.  Yesterday's 400g scoop cost a mere fifty pence!


  1. I love the thick-cut oats too and don't care for the quick and instant ones.

  2. My son and I always have these kind of oats and they are so yum compared to the basic oats you can buy. When they are on offer we buy a couple of bags as they are even better value then, my son has honey on his porridge and I like either maple syrup, chopped up banana cooked in the mix or some dried fruit cooked in the mix ( we cook ours in the microwave btw). Thedried fruit i like best is sour cherry mix from Lidl as a little goes a long way but I cant find any at the moment because of all the Xmas goods on sale in there.