Saturday, 28 December 2013

Happy Stitching Parveen!

As my first two lendwithcare borrowers are paying back their loans I thought that it was about time that I brought another on board!  I'm telling you guys about it with to see if I can encourage others to hop on the bandwagon too.  Go on!  It's better than spending money in the sales on clothes and stuff that you don't really need.  And if you really need the money in the future the likelihood is that you'll claw back your original investments over time. Probably though, I'll keep re-lending my own money that I've put into lendwithcare to help other entrepreneurs around the world to get their mini-businesses off the ground.

Here's Parveen with the main tool of her trade, her very pretty olde- worlde  hand operated sewing machine.  The only thing is that it's not very fast. Five people, including myself have lent her just £97.55 to buy a nice new speedier model so that she can be more productive, buy more of life's little necessities and educate all of her children.  Surely for that kind of reward, such a small investment must be a risk worth taking?

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  1. I am so glad that you recently reminded me of this organisation. I sponsor three people in Pakistan, one of whom is also a seamstress. It doesn't take long to raise the money needed does it? I am now being paid back on a monthly basis and will re-lend when this has built up a little more. I do wish we could see more of what they do though...