Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Newly Grateful

If money were no object for the present buyers in my life I'd be after a natty little car to replace my shitehawk of a Ford Fiesta Econetique.  An Abarth Punto Evo perhaps would a good thing to find under the Christmas tree.  But it's not going to happen so I'll settle for some nice soap instead.

It occured to me yesterday that I can be an ungrateful so-and-so.  I'm lucky to have a motor AND to be able to fill its fuel tank.  And the Fiesta does have a few redeeming features. It's rather nippy for a green car and it does have a Bluetooth stereo system so when there is a signal to my mobile I've got Spotify on the move.

If you too need a reminder of the benefits that being grateful can confer check out this link to a talk by the amazingly youthful looking 87 year old Benedictine monk David Steindl-Rast.  He reminds us that not only should be grateful of the material things around us but also for the opportunity presented by each moment.


  1. Your link to the Monk leads me to the car advert...

  2. Thanks for that my fine editor in chief. Now corrected!

  3. Thank you, it is a very interesting talk.