Monday, 9 December 2013

Oops I Accidentally Bought a Painting

Sadly I didn't buy the Moomin print that I was talking about the other day.  It's not available in the UK at the moment.  That meant I would have had to order it from Sweden.  Okay, I'll admit that's not too onerous in an ever shrinking world. The problem though was cost, a tad more than I want to fork out.  Instead I bought a pair of boots as a weight loss reward, these ones by Doc Martens if you're interested in having a look.  They're a far cry from the bother boots than graced my feet in my mixed up youth and fit nicely under the leg brace that I'm destined to wear for just a little while longer.

So there was still a gap on the wall to be filled.  As I was passing by David Deakin's studio-cum-workshop in Dunster I spotted this lovely painting and fell totally in love.  I walked by the shop again, went in, took a deep breath, looked at the price tag and was amazed at the reasonableness.  So there you have it.  I own my first oil painting and love its gnarly surface as well at the balance of the composition, the retro feel, the colours, the roofs that look like they're dripping down onto the walls.  It's an early Christmas present to myself that'll have pride of place for many years to come.


  1. Love this picture - would look lovely on my wall too! If' I'm ever near Dunster I'll have to take a detour to look in the window of his studio.
    And early Christmas presents are always good...

  2. My type of picture. Good choice

  3. I would have fallen for that one as well, good for you.