Thursday, 12 December 2013

More Snippety Snip

Photo: Beatrice Coron
These artists who use the technique of paper cutting are really giving me food for thought at the moment.  First of all, I came across local artist Helen Snell .  Then I found out about Beatrice Coron on a conversation about which other artist that people would like to collaborate with.  Here's a flavour of her very clever work but please, please go and visit her website for more truly awesome treats.  I'm getting a hankering to get myself some black paper and a sharp knife and see what I can come up with myself!


  1. I made a feeble attempt at this once, but even with a sharp blade I couldn't seem to make clean cuts - there must be a technique to it!

  2. Use a scalpel and 10A blades, if you can get the 'sterile' ones, they last longer.

  3. Thanks for that. Have popped over to Ebay and bought some! x