Friday, 13 December 2013

Saved from the Dumpster

Late posting today as, after a fairly sedate fish 'n' chips and beer supper I woke up on the sofa bed at the Brixham home of Mr. Metrosexual and was chivied to work far earlier than usual.   Hence no blogging, crossword or competitions.  I  turned down a bowl of breakfast of Frosties before I was herded out of the door.  Yes, Frosties, that nasty sugar laden kiddy cereal!   Can you believe that an adult can still be seduced by Tony the Tiger?

Anyway, I'm back home now and treating myself to a lovely quiet weekend before festivities take over.  To make room for the Christmas tree  I need firstly to move an old desk from under my stairs.  It was replaced by  the far better quality recycled find that I saved from the skip at work back in the autumn.  If you've got unwanted stuff in the home consider whether someone, somewhere might have a use for it, post it on Freecycle  andd get a grateful stranger to take it away for free.  It's a sensible approach to Yuletide decluttering.  After all, particularly if you have children,  you'll need to make room for a whole host of stuff that'll be arriving in your home in just a few days time!

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