Wednesday, 18 December 2013

This Fine is Fine

Backalong I fretted about a library fine.  £2.42 for being a measly day late!  And it's happened again although this time I'm totally okay with it.

My reading habit has taken a tumble in recent months.  There's been far too much screen time but I'm rectifying that.  After all I can't let a lifelong book addiction die.  In the last three days I've finished one and now I'm on track to get through another tonight. I'm a fast reader when I get going and it looks like bookwormery has thankfully been restored.

The book that finished was Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life by Anthony Reynolds, okay but  rather  too heavy on discussions about musical production to be completely my kind of biography.  I'm a nosy bugger and prefer a bit of fruity gossip about people's personal life rather than all that geeky stuff.  Anyway I'd borrowed this from the library yonks ago and kept on renewing and renewing it until that wasn't allowed anymore. Finally the last page was turned on Sunday ready for it to be popped back on the library shelves on Monday, a day however, where my plans didn't involve a car journey as I was working from home.  A special trip would have incurred more costs than the fine and again a detour into Kingsbridge, the nearest library on my travels yesterday, would have also have not made sense from a financial perspective.   After weighing things up its better to cough up 44p today than spending a few pounds on diesel just to take a book back.  Sometimes it pays to take stock and get what we spend into perspective.


  1. I agree that it's best to weigh the costs and benefits! Even as a librarian, sometimes I think it's best to pay the fine rather than return an unfinished book and have to put it on hold for weeks later!

  2. Now then, I got to read what you were saying but, a very big but, got in my way - what does backalong mean? So, I looked it up and now - it makes perfect sense -thank you for giving me a bew word!