Monday, 2 December 2013

View from a Bench

Weymouth  called this weekend with the promise of a coastpath walk. Alas! my knee wasn't playing ball. It's now so unstable it's giving way within its leg brace and I have to stride out gingerly.  Now isn't that a lovely word?

The good news is that I've got an appointment  with the orthopaedic consultant next week so hopefully the operation that's key to getting me back to tip top fitness might be imminent.  In the meantime enforced stopping and staring is my lot.  But who can complain when the view is good as this one perched on Portland with Chesil Beach with striations from recent storms stretching out into the distance.


  1. That's definitely a view worth stopping for!

  2. Let us hope that the surgery will fix you good and proper and that you'll be wndering far and near.