Friday, 6 December 2013

We're Going On A Sock Hunt

I'm not sure how the collective we in Lovelygrey Cottage have managed it but somehow Louis has managed to accumulate twenty four unmatched socks in his underwear drawer!  It's not as if our house is in a particularly bad state of disarray.  Sure, it has its untidy moments but then doesn't everywhere that has kids and a rather erratic forty eight year old living in its midst.

Given that the little animals that live around here haven't been sneaking in a pinching child sized socks to use as stockings in their nests and burrows they've got to be around somewhere.  I don't buy Louis' explanation. 'They must be at Dads'.  Why would he being heading over to his father's house with just one sock.  It just doesn't make sense.There's nothing for it but to look in every nook and cranny to see just how many of the blighters that we can match up!


  1. My son cleared all the junk from underneath my 6-yr old grandson and found eight odd socks, each with a searched-for key inside... perhaps it's a trend... have you missed keys as well as socks?? AC

  2. Not from under my grandson - how long would he have been static to collect junk underneath himself - no, I meant from under his BED. Duh.