Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013: Review of the Year from A Spending Perspective.

So way, way back in December 2012 I set myself some spending rules for 2013.  Now those who know me will realise that self imposed legislation is pretty loosely adhered to in my camp.  I can be  a  pretty naughty person.  You'll be pleased to know that I do better with those Ten Commandments made by God. To my knowledge there's been no murders, Mum and Dad are pretty well honoured and I don't steal, apart from when I occasionally take someone else's pen around the office.  Isn't there a get out clause for that?  I'm working on eliminating covetousness as far as I can, except when it comes to super hot motorhomes.

Any back to my own 2013 rules.  Here's how I did

  • Only a couple of new books apart the latest edition of All the Aires France crossed the threshold of Lovelygrey Cottage apart from ones for Louis.  He's had shedloads but then kids should read.  One of my purchases from the School Fayre, the Rough Guide to Barcelona, did not make it on our current trip.  I couldn't find it!
  • I've pretty much eliminated shop bought lunches.  There's butter in the fridge at work so if I forget to make a sandwich at home I do so in the office.
  • Ah clothes!  Definitely my weak spot.  Those charity shops, especially, draw me in.  I'll have to think about how I modify this one for next year so that I'm not quite so guilt ridden about attending to my inner peacock.
  • No dust gathering ornaments entered the house since the arrival of my much loved Hornsea pig.
  • I don't recollect buying a greetings card will admit to the purchase of one £1 roll of wrapping paper.  Seeing as the main aim of the exercise was stopping spending this is a jolly good result.
  • Just a few craft materials your honour.  Linocutting stuff and some blades for papercutting, really not very much at all when compared to previous years.
  • Even though my food processor broke it hasn't been replaced yet so big brownie points on the no spending on kitchen gadgets here.  On the minus side I did pick up a rather lovely stick blender in a charity shop that replaced my own value version.
  • And no Alcohol for Lone Consumption?  Well, tippling increasing as the year progressed but still not on a previous scale.  Most weeks I only have alcohol on a couple of days. My consumption has reduced to a level where the habit of drinking has well and truly been broken.  Good for the health as well as the pocket.
So what of this exercise?  Well it was a useful one even though I didn't stop tasting the forbidden fruit altogether.  It made me think about everything that I spent and being conscious of actions has got to be a good thing.

Tomorrow let's set some spending rules for 2014!


  1. Well done on sticking to your goals. Hope you continue in 2014. Less is more, eh?

  2. Crikey, you did very well. I wish you the fortitude to continue.