Wednesday, 8 January 2014

5:2 On Holiday?

Photo: Luna Park
Let me get one thing clear.  My 5:2 diet has been going swimmingly well since October.  But  intermittent fasting and holidays?  Well,  as Rudyard Kipling might say, 'Ne'er the twain shall meet'.  This is especially pertinent if a hotel buffet spreads is part of the picture.  It's just not possible to maintain a twice weekly 500 calorie day when faced with a beautiful display of pastries at breakfast and an endless choice of yummy array of starters, main courses and desserts at the day's  end.  That's before the beer and wine too.

So,  I'm cutting myself a little bit of slack and consequently will probably pop on a couple of pounds this week.  I reckon though that any diet regime is going to yield weight loss and gain that would look rather like a roller coaster if plotted as a graph.  But if as a whole, its wiggly path slopes in a downward direction with time, then I'll be content with my progress. 

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