Friday, 17 January 2014

A Duo of Jamie

When I was 'fessing up about my 2013 spending I forgot to mention that I'd bought a copy of 
Save with Jamie.  It was meant to be a Christmas present but oops! I ended up keeping it.  Now even though I've given you a link to Amazon where I could in theory earn some commission if you click through (though I haven't to this day), don't necessarily buy it from them.  It can be had for much less if you pop into WH Smith (£7.99) or The Book People have it at the amazingly price of a fiver.  How's that for shooting myself in the foot?  I'll never make a good saleswoman which is bad news indeed for someone who hankers after working for themselves.

At the weekend I meant to knock up one of the recipes, Fish Pie with Sweet Pea Mash and wrote a suitably fishy shopping list so that I could pick up the ingredients.  But in the bargain basement of the chilled section of the supermarket I found a wonderful pre-prepared leg of lamb joint for about a tenner and decided to screw up the plan and cook that instead.  It fed four hungry grown ups and there was lots left over.  These pastillas were made from the remaining cold lamb.  Again this is a recipe from the Jamie Oliver book which is also available on his website.  The original called for couscous which I didn't have in the store cupboard.  I substituted a bit of rice without ill effect.

And this is the dish that filled our pud tummy after stuffing ourselves with lovely lamb.  It's  Chocolate Fridge Cake with Pecans and Meringues, another Jamie Oliver recipe from the website, that's turned out to be really a rather wonderful resource in its own right.  On second thoughts, perhaps you don't need to buy the book at all!  This  is dead simple, dead delicious and the leftovers have been a lovely sweet treat that have kept me in nice nibbles for a whole week.

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  1. Glad you like the book I have it too.
    I have to say, don't hold your breath while waiting to earn any money from Amazon, I had links on my blog for ages and didn't get a sniff, not one person clicked through, so I removed it.
    Having said that, I wish you luck, perhaps you'll do better than me.
    If you want free books, use Swagbucks - I recommend it from time to time on my blog, I have a continual supply of free books coming from Amazon - it's one thing that really does work.
    Just a suggestion for you, 'cos books don't come any cheaper than free !
    You don't have to use my link either - I'm not touting for business, just trying to help.