Saturday, 11 January 2014

All Quiet on The South West Front

Did you know that Demis Roussos had any hits other than 'Forever and Ever'?  No, neither did I until I was subjected to a whole album load of his stuff, presumably Greatest Hits, accompanied by the whistling Andorran  driver  on our transfer coach yesterday. That was followed by what some unidentified artist who'd produced something that would not have seemed out of place as a soundtrack to a Speedy Gonzalez cartoon, again with the driver trilling along like an out of tune canary.  I was almost pleased when he finally replaced this on the outskirts of Barcelona with a CD of a group that appeared to be the Spanish version of that old seventies favourite, Dollar.  It almost appeared tasteful in comparison to everything else that I'd endured on the three and a half hour trip.  And that was after a night where revellers outside our hotel had turned our bar facing bedroom into a disco in the early hours of the morning.

So now I'm back home safe and sound revelling in the lack of noise in my spookily silent Devon village.  Long may it stay that way!

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  1. Ye gods, I thought all copies of everything he had made were connsigned to hell where they melted into a deep black pool. Poor you.