Monday, 27 January 2014

Bargains from 'The Big Guy'

I had hoped to show you, not one, but a couple of things that I'd made over the weekend.  Alas, everything went tits up and no, I haven't progressed to headstands whilst during yoga yet. I made a major and irreversible boo-boo on the paper cut that I was making so will have to start again.  Then when I decided to take a break and move onto linocutting disaster struck.  I couldn't find my cutters anywhere!

So it seemed like a good excuse to go ahead and buy the better quality ones that I'd been hankering after for a while.  There is a let-out clause for these in my 2014 budget after all.  And in looking for them I came across GreatArt who are, apparently, the UK's biggest online art supplier.  I really must go around with my eyes and ears shut some of the time because I'd never heard  or seen sight of them before.  Anyway, their stuff is really cheap - reduced prices and an another 15% off on checkout at the moment.  They're Quidco-able too so that'll be an extra 5% at sometime down the track. I'm sharing this for anyone else who needs art supplies and is an unaware consumer like me.  For all I know they could be as famous as M&S but no matter.  Anyway I've liked the company on 'Facebook' too as they've promised promotional stuff which could come in handy in the future.  These words of wisdom come from their page.

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