Friday, 31 January 2014

Baring My Inner Messy Secrets

Please tell me everyone has a drawer like this in their kitchen and it's not a peculiar problem to me. It's the kitchen drawer where lightbulbs, seed packets, batteries and other odds and sods go to party.  I'm sure that I put stuff in there tidily to start with but when I pop by to find something....yikes!


  1. I divide up my 'junk drawer' using plastic takeaway boxes [w/o lids] then attempt to sort things as they go it. String, rubber bands, clips, pegs in one, batteries and bulbs in another, odd screws and fittings in the third. It helps. A bit. Then one box overflows, and....
    But be re-assured, you are not alone!!
    blessings xx

  2. Yep, I have one. I jammed it shut for a week last year, it was a very technical feat of human bendyness to get it open again too. There was £20 inside, so I had some motivation.

  3. I have only one drawer in my kitchen so all of my cutlery sits in a divided tray and the space at the right
    hand side is filled with the plastic trays that fruit and mushrooms arrive in. That bit is where the messiness occurs.