Friday, 24 January 2014

Big Festival Alternatives

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Red Mel has been trying to persuade me to go to Glasto for a while now and I'm in two minds about it. Granted it would be amazing from a musical perspective to see legendary acts and to discover some gems that have hitherto been unknown to me. But it's so blooming expensive and with the British weather as it is, there's more than a slim chance that my motorhome would have to be manhandled out of a boggy field by a man with a tractor and tow rope.

So, I'm sticking to smaller events again this year again.  Chagstock is a perennial favourite that I'll be attending for the fifth year in a row.  I'm also tempted to try the smaller Glas-Denbury that's held in July just a few miles from home.  Red Mel though has come up with a cracker after an Internet trawl.  Just thirty five pounds each has bought us the opportunity to see Robert Plant looking a bit older than he does here in his Led Zeppelin  days.   Not only will we be seeing one of rock's all time greats but the backdrop  for his gig is sensational. He'll be playing in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey with his band 'The Space Shifters'.  In terms of ticket prices these days it's got to be a bargain.  Can I tempt any of you guys to join us on 9th August?

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  1. I would love to see that show, LG - too bad I will be on another continent! I had an awful experience at my last festival (car broke down on way home and spent the night in the car)so since then I have only gone to outdoor shows closer to home.