Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cheaper Choo-Choo

In the scheme of things, the waiting room at Newton Abbot railway station really is rather a lovely place.  It's clean, minimalist and has interesting art on the walls including a series of rather funky railway posters, like this one that I've poorly photographed, by a printmaker called Brendan Neiland. Okay, I'm not talking about somewhere that's say as beautiful as, Wells Cathedral or those William Burgess designed apartments at Cardiff Castle. It takes years of workmanship to get spaces to look that good.  But in the type of public place that's often neglected and sad someone has gone to a bit of effort.  If you're that person I salute you.

Anyway let's move on. Today's topic is supposed to be introduce a thrifty saving tip, not prattle on about design and suchlike.  Mama and Papa Lovelygrey will be visiting at February half term and asked me to buy their train tickets for them.  Don't you remember sometime in the dim distant past that the pricing structure for these was going to be simplified.  Well dream on! It ain't happened yet.

What I've found is a vast difference between the cost of the same tickets on different travel websites.  Had I gone to the the website of thetrainline.com  the 'No 1 UK independent online rail ticket retailer' with my credit card as I usually do,  I would have paid over £40 more for equivalent journeys.   No only did the train tickets cost extra but there was also a booking fee and a credit card charge which piled on an extra sum that didn't leave much change from a fiver. Instead I booked with First Great Western who had a much wider and generally cheaper range of fares to choose from.  And no extras either!

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  1. The purchasing of rail tickets is a nightmare of epic proprtions. If you managed it without pain, I salute you.