Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Crazy Craving

Due to being a late starter, as holiday plans got in the way, I'm just halfway into the Dry January that's going to end for many others on Friday.  So time for a progress report I think.

Up until a few days ago I would have been all sanctimonious, telling you how well I was doing and how I wasn't missing alcohol even one little bit. And that's how it truly was. Over the past year I've cut my drinking to just once or twice weekly Consequently, what would have seemed like a monumental sacrifice a year or two back when I was having a couple of beers or glasses of wine pretty much daily was much easier this time round....until yesterday.

Since then I've been dying for a good artisan beer yes, even now at six in the morning, a time that I've never drunk in my entire life! Of course I won't be giving into this.  For a start there isn't any booze in the house apart from three quarters of a bottle of home-made lemoncello, a gift from my lovely niece.  Luckily I'm not tempted to go there.   And I'm not about to pop out to the nearest shop.  Hell, I don't even know if shops sell alcohol at the crack of dawn. No, I'm just sitting tight and waiting for this unpleasant mindset to pass.  What this has made me realise is that any food or drink that can induce such a crazed state of mind probably isn't good for me at all and needs to be consumed in even smaller quantities year round.  Perhaps I need to be tackling the sugar as the next stage?

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