Thursday, 23 January 2014

Don't Give Up!

On a day when I seem to be lacking ideas for an blog post that's all my own work I thought I'd plagiarise heavily. Then again, isn't it true that plagiarism doesn't count when you acknowledge your source?  Anyway I thought I'd show you this inspiration picture that I clipped from one of the lecture slides from Coursera's 'Developing Ideas for New Companies'  I've got a few little projects on the go that are nearing fruition.  Best not give up!


  1. I often wonder about plagiarism. You have to be careful, that's why I try to use only my own photo's. I think acknowledgement of source is ok, but I think you are supposed to ask permission. I have had emails from people wanting to use my photo's. I am pleased that they have asked, and always say yes.

  2. If you subscribe to the view that there is nothing new going on - then perhaps everything is plagiarism! In reality, I think the way you articulate information is entirely your own and as you always credit sources, you can't be accused of plagiarism. x