Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dreams and Schemes

2015 is the biggie.  Not only is it the one where I reach the big Five-O but it's also the year when I'll move into my Brixham home and I've earmarked it as the time when I'll move from secure full time employment in the NHS to something a little more flexible and perhaps dangerous.  Eek!

Obviously I can't just sit on my arse for the next fifteen months or so and then hire a truck to move my stuff whilst at the same time casually handing in my notice.  No, these moves must be prepared for. One of the steps that  I'll be taking soon is to give up my participation in the NHS vehicle lease scheme.  Each time I take delivery of  a new shiny car I am effectively tied into employment for a further three years employment unless I accept hefty get out penalties on resignation.  So, this year I'll be buying my own set of wheels.  And I'm saving, saving, saving and reigning in expenditure.  There's a number of reasons for this.  Firstly I might need to live on less so it's good to get into the habit of being more frugal now.  Investment income might also, in the future, contribute to what I live on, another good reason for saving whilst I can.  Finally some of my dreams and schemes might need a little money thrown at them so its best to have something in the pot to be able to do this rather than relying on borrowing.

As the ways that I'm planning to earn money largely involve self employment it seems a jolly good idea to better prepare myself for that.  As such I'm taking, not one, but two of those free Coursera modules at the moment which seem to lend themselves to being studied together.  Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies explores entrepreneurship.  Two weeks in and although I've gleaned some ideas from the course, I'm finding that it comes from a rather theoretical perspective I've therefore signed onto 'What's Your Big Idea?' as well.  This aims to help people put their business ideas into reality so comes at the same subject matter from a practical angle.  Lots of work yes, but no more than I would have once I'm trying out running a start up business alongside regular full-time employment later in the year.  I just hope that it's all going to be worth it!

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  1. Hi Lovelygrey, You have me curious now as to whether you've been with the NHS many years and will be leaving with a pension? I turned the big 5-0 last year but expect to work full time to age 65. However, I have started a hefty savings plan "just in case" I should be able to leave early, by taking a smaller pension and getting by with savings.