Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Gratefulness Continued

It's day two of Louis' skiing holiday but after musing over the thorny question 'To ski or not to ski?'  I decided that hitting the slopes was a no-no for me.   Tearing a second cruciate ligament is a chance I cannot afford to take. And so I am being uncharacteristically sensible.

Now being in a ski resort without partaking in a bit of downhill action could be a bit of a sorry experience. In a particular frame of mind watching others participating in an activity that I'm rather partial to myself could be torture. Time to revisit the teaching of Fr David Steindl-Rast, the gratefulness bloke again. Let me focus on what I have rather than what I haven't got (or cannot do!). I''ve found loads of valuable addtional material on the website gratefulness.org to help me get into the practice of doing this.

So let's think what there is to be currently grateful for. Well, there's spending time somewhere where there are startlingly beautiful snowy vistas each way that I look from my perch in a mountaintop cafe.   I'm refuelling the batteries with a bit of relaxation that just isn't possible to this extent in a working week.   I've got plenty of time to spend reading and writing, activities that I love.  I'm extremely fortunate to have the resources available  to allow my son to participate in an activity in which he thrives.  And we've both met new acquaintances who we're enjoying spending time with. Lou is in the spa of the hotel with his latest friend as I speak.   That's plenty for starters!

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  1. Yes, you are being sensible, so enjoy meeting new people and build on the acquaintanceship.