Monday, 13 January 2014

Grey Painting for a Grey Girl

Picture:  Gonzalo Chillida
There I was, after having been to the incredibly thought provoking exhibition Before the Horizon at Fundacio Joan Miro, kicking myself because I hadn't stumped up the cost of the exhibition guide. I know, its a book and they're not  allowed if I was adhering strictly to my 2014 spending rules. However, I was so moved by some of the pieces, some of which really are quite obscure, that I wanted a concrete reminder of them to use as a resource for my own creations.  I even contemplated getting a copy shipped from Spain to the UK but with postage costs it would have cost an eye watering 71 Euros. That stopped me in my tracks.

But result!   A further trawl online paid dividends. If you follow either the exhibition one above or under this incredible tonal painting you'll find a PDF file with images of all the exhibits.  This is my absolute favourite, Marina, a 1978 seascape by Gonzalo Chillida, an artist from San Sebastian.  So clever, so  inspiring, so grey!


  1. Love the painting!

  2. Oh no, not in the first three months of a year!