Saturday, 25 January 2014

Just a Hunch

It's not like me to go all 'Top Gear' but this car, a Tesla, is different as it's electric and as pinko leftie green as they come.  And I would have one were it not for two pretty obvious problems.  The first is expense.  Of course something that looks this good is expensive. The brand's cheapest on the road price is just a shade over £50,000.  And then there's the range which is better than most electric cars but that base model only runs for 240 miles before it needs charging. That's pretty near the distance between my Devon home and where Mama and Papa Lovelygrey live in Southend-on-Sea.  I wouldn't be able to travel there without breaking into a nervous sweat.

Because I can't afford the car I've done the next best thing.  I've bought the company!  Well a tiny part of it anyway.  My nine  newly owned shares gave me just a little change out of a grand.  My rationale for my investment is that there's no blooming point in putting much in a savings account these days so you might as well go large and take a risk or two.  But it's a calculated one based on the fact that Tesla are producing batteries for lots of other companies in the emerging electric car market and later in 2014 they plan to widely expand their supercharging stations across Europe.  Concidentally it's just been reported today by Forbes that reported the opening this which of the final station that links the East and West Coast of America and allows a Tesla S salon to undertake this journey. Maybe one day the Essex-Devon run will be feasible!   Such fast moving technology has got to be worth a punt although its not for the faint hearted.  Make your own mind up about whether to follow suit and remember that old adage 'Share prices can go up as well as down'.

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