Sunday, 12 January 2014

Lovelygrey: Saving You Money Some of the Days?

Right I've just popped across to Trago Mills, the huge discount complex just on the other side of the A38 from our village.  If you're in the area you might be interested to know that the store has its sale in January.  It's not like other shops though where different bits and pieces are marked down. Instead on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays during the period everything in the majority of its departments has 15% off.  I'll probably pop across and buy some bargain sketch pads before the month is out. Today I just needed dishwater salt that cost 99p with no reduction.  I'm afraid cleaning materials come under one of the categories that's not discounted. Ah well!

The other reason that I wandered over, or in reality under, a main trunk road was to get the fruit and veg that I'd forgotten to pick up at Asda yesterday.  Bananas and spring greens actually but there was such an array on the greengrocer's concession near the main entrance that I impulsed purchased an array of exotic fruits.  There's melon, a pineapple, Sharon fruit or persimmon as they're also known, pomegranates and avocados.  They all seemed to be so blooming cheap.  This lot which is minus the Sharon fruit that I squished in my bag and so ate on the way home cost £7.40.  But is that good when compared to the supermarket price?  I've done a 'back of the envelope'  calculation on the remarkably useful Google Keep to find out.

The figures on the left are from the fruit and veg stall whereas the right hand ones have been gleaned from Asda's website.  The comparison is approximate as products aren't exactly the same.  For example Asda don't have satsumas as a product line but they do have citrus fruit called 'easy peelers' which I reckon may be pretty similar.  I'm sure if someone from Asda reads this post they'll notice that some of the items, most notably the melon isn't cosmetically perfect.   Again not a like for like.   And they could also highlight the fact that if I'd stuck to my original shopping list the Asda price would have been cheaper.  Just eighty pence for spring greens and bananas as opposed to the £1.40 that I'd paid.   There's also a small chance that my maths is out of kilter and there's a margin of error as a result.  That's another reason why I'm saying that this is an estimate and the figures are not set in stone.  I'm fairly confident that the comparison is reasonably fair though.  After all I'm not a cheaty kind of person.

So what have I learned from this exercise?  Well if I bought an entire basket of the more common fruit and veg from one of the more competitive supermarkets then I  might get a better deal than shopping locally.   It's possible that the concept of 'loss leaders' could well come into play here.  Of course if I was penny pinching and time rich I could shop at both locations to get the best of both worlds on essential and luxury items when it comes to price.  In reality I think what I'll do is give the local guy a bit more custom a bit more often.  After all I'm not too fussed about cosmetic appearance when it comes to my fruit and veg and if I can replicate a saving of over 20% of the supermarket cost on each visit, that's certainly worth having.


  1. thanks for the tip I will be driving by next weekend, I forget trago is there. I need 2 baking pans for lasagne etc

  2. The only Canadian fruit available in the winter here is stored apples; therefore everything I buy is imported, so it doesn't really matter if I buy grapes or bananas or pineapples! So I do choose what's on sale.