Thursday, 9 January 2014

Meanwhile Back in Devon.....

I shouldn't be thinking about work whilst I'm on holiday should I?  It just so happens that two of the people I've met also work with people with dementia, one in a in-patient setting.  As I had my tablet with me when I was speaking to her I was able to share this video.  It showcases one of the wards that my team is attached too. What's special about this place is that it received money from the King's Fund, a charitable foundation, to improve the healing environment and uses creative arts and multimedia  to create  a calm, welcoming space.  The aim was to help the most troubled individuals, for they're the ones admitted to the limited number of mental health in patient bed these days, reconnect to the world, thus alleviating their distress.  In the event that I, or any member of my family, need this kind of help, this is the kind of environment that I would like my care to be provided in.

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