Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Moi! Moody?

Let me get this straight.  There's no way that I could be considered clinically depressed at the moment. I'm not consistently low or agitated day in, day out and in the main I'm able to concentrate well.  Lack of focus is a big marker of my mental health status.  But for the past couple of months my mood has been  up and down.  I'm struggling to find a metaphor but it's nowhere near as bad as a yo-yo!  For the majority of the time I'm fine but then I get a really big blip and I wake up really edgy. Today is one of those days.

I've started to monitor my mood each day using the basic  (and free!) version of an online tool called Moodscope.    The rationale behind it is that monitoring something health related can lead to positive change.   What's more the system can be used to share that information with a friend so you can receive a bit more support at the low times.  

What I'm doing is annotating each day's score on the graph to reflect on why its high or low.  I've noticed, for example, that keeping on top of things such as housework and record keeping is really beneficial whereas a bad night's sleep really knocks things right off course.  This increased awareness gives me an indication right at the start of the day about whether I need to give myself a little extra TLC or make that extra to do something positive and life affirming that helps me get things back on course.

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