Monday, 6 January 2014

New Spending Rules for 2014

Righty ho!  Yesterday I promised to bring you my spending rules for 2014.  They must be really strict given that this is a year that I want to save, save, save rather than spend, spend, spend. Firstly let me bring you items rolled over from last year's list

  • Books - there's still a stack of paperbacks kept in the chest next to my bed.  So it seems sensible to put a lid on literary purchases. No doubt I'll again be the recipient of books that have been kindly passed  on by others.  And there's the library of course.  2014 isn't going to be an impoverished reading year in spite of the lack of retail therapy.
  • Stuff to grace horizontal surfaces in my home - There wasn't any room for any more objets d'arts to adorn shelves or tables last year and I haven't moved house. Unfortunately there isn't anyway that this beautiful but huge piece of fused glass made by Emma Rawson could go.    This rule sadly has to stay even for smaller covetable items.  And as I mentioned yesterday I'm trying not to covet.
  • Crafting Tools and Materials - 2013's rule focused around only buying stuff to finish off projects that I started still seems eminently sensible.  I'm going to try and focus on existing crafting activities where I've already bought the tools and have a stock of materials.  However I'm allowing myself a let out clause for printing supplies.  I'd like some decent lino cutters at some time during the year.
  • Kitchen Gadgets - the embargo against new nifty appliances is still in place.  I do need that replacement food processor though.
  • Alcohol for Lone Consumption - a 2013 list item that will remain.  There's scope for even more improvement on curtailing spending in this area in 2014.
  • Shop Bought Lunches - that can stay too.  It seems silly to add pre-packed sandwiches back onto the 'allowed list'.
  • Cards and Wrapping Paper - Homemade or electronic greetings will again be order of the day.

I've taken clothes off the forbidden list because this was one rule too far last year.  However my spending did dwindle as winter approached and maybe with continuing weight loss stuff that didn't used to fit can be reintroduced into my wardrobe to give it a thrifty free filip!

So let's add a  few new items to the list.

  • Furniture - There's no floor space for anymore at Lovelygrey Cottage.  Unless I find a suitably wonderful rocking chair that is and I have a maker in mind!  I must eschew stuff that I come across that is just begging for a makeover to avoid squeezing through the rooms of my house.
  • Unnecessary Toiletries - I'm not a big sinner in this department but the occasional purchase promising a miracle slips through.  Nothing I have ever bought has got rid of the bags under my eyes so this is a reminder to self to not waste money on stuff that just isn't likely to work.
  • Electronic gadgetry - 2013 saw the arrival of a new phone, tablet and laptop.  No more updated wizardry is needed for a couple of years.  Of course the fact that my printer is nearly knackered means that a small let out clause is required.
I'll be bringing you updates through the year of whether I've been naughty or nice. You can report me to Santa if you wish!

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  1. I'm also guilty on the technology/communication front having picked four items from the apple tree. I have unread downloads on my kindle although I prefer proper print to get engrossed within and weightloss would indeed open up new clothing combinations. Good luck with your 2014 goals. I think I should be joining in with a few !