Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Budget!

In setting my 2014 spending rules last week I wisely acknowledged that I am never, ever, ever going to stick to a no spending diktat when it comes to clothes.  There's a danger though that the absence of that self imposed piece of legislation forbidding such purchases could be disastrous. I could easily talk myself into going down a very slippery slope.  A trip up to London for a shopping spree in Anthropologie anyone?  Now there's a rather pricey brand that could really float my boat if I let it.

So I've done the next bet thing to an outright spending ban and set myself a budget.  Not a massive national one like the Chancellor of the Exchequer with his gnarly old sets but a rather reasonable one that will help me be creative with my money and keep things under control.  I'm allowing £300 for the year or £25 a month.  That will be plenty to keep me happy with charity shop, supermarket and Ebay purchases and give me scope to ring the changes in my wardrobe.

And here's my first purchase, an £18 geometric print knit dress from Asda's Moda range.  I rather suspect that this is the line for the more mature woman but no matter as I am heading that way. It's snuggly and looks great with woolly tights and boots.  It leaves me £7 over this month for a charity shop find, or else I can roll the money over to be a little bit more profligate in the year ahead.

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