Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Chest Nurse

There's a petition on at the moment asking the UK government to mint a £2 coin commemorating the life and work of Edith Cavell, a pioneer of modern nurse who insisting on treating  injured men from both sides of the trenches in World War I. Her sideline was helping our troops escape from German occupied Belgium for which she was court martialled, sentenced and shot by the Germans.

Edith holds a special place in my heart already for the simple reason that she was tattooed large onto my grandad's chest.   I've shown him before in Fish Town, my place of abode to be.  If this petition succeeds it also will keep Grandad's memory alive . He was a veteran himself after all.  Every time I look at the coin I will be able to remember sitting on his knee at a small child begging him to 'show me the nurse'.  Our entertainment was simple in those pre Xbox days! So for me, my grandad, nurses everywhere and especially to keep the memory of this remarkable lady alive please pop over to and sign up to support this cause.


  1. I was rather shocked just yesterday when Lady Magnon asked me if I'd heard of her! Of course I had.... I would be amazed to hear if anyone hadn't.

  2. Sadly there are a lot of younger people who know nothing of this great woman. I signed the petition as soon as I heard about it. Rather EC than Kitchener on our coins!!

    Have you seen the Anna Neagle EC biopic?

    blessings xx