Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Well Nice Words

Here's a shot of my own personal little monkey, taken earlier this month at Barcelona's Fundacio Joan Miro.  Spot the uncanny resemblance to something else on this page.  When I changed my Facebook profile page to include the shot of me with this statue a friend expressed surprise that it was dead expensive art. She then researched Miro's work a bit and came up with this gem, Man and Woman in Front of a Pile of Excrement.  Follow the link and see if you can work out where the poo is.  Be blowed if I can!

Anyway this post is not about art as I did one of those the other day and try to ring the changes. It's just to mention something dead nice that the lovely Mexican receptionist at the hotel where we stayed on holiday had said.  Every time I think about them I smile.

'I've been watching you and your son and you have such a great relationship.'

Someone that doesn't know us well noticing chuffed me to bits more than anything has for a long time!

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  1. Well I've been reading your blog a long time, and she is dead right. You have a smashing son.