Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bear Mk.1

I show you some things just to prove the point that things don't always go swimmingly first time around. In life a lot of trial and error is involved.  Anyway, this is a test print for my latest linocut creation, not the first piece of work that I've produced that incorporates words from one of my favourite poems that's by Robert Frost. They put me in mind of the long distance hikes that I've done and long to resume once the old knee is sorted out.  The Native American-esque bear is a motif that I've used several times before too but I'm not sure about this one.  He's not quite right and has aardvark-like qualities that were unintended.  Legs or snout too long?  That curve under his tail too extreme.  I'm not sure.  All I know is the more I look the worse it gets.

The only thing for it is to wipe our the bear/aardvaark with a big blade and then produce another plate with version 2. I'll pop back sometime soon when I have the hopefully more pleasing replacement.


  1. Well, I like it, it has a naiveté that is very appealing.

  2. I like it too!
    And the ambiguity of the creature is good - it can be whatever the onlooker chooses.