Monday, 3 February 2014


Hmm a selfie!  They nearly always turn out to be pretty unflattering.  In fact I've got a real humdinger that I'm plucking up the courage to put out there on the World Wide Web to prove a point but I haven't quite got the balls to do it at the moment.

Anyway this one isn't too bad and I needed it to illustrate an important message.   Do you see that dark spot under my left eye.  No it wasn't a bit of dirt on the lens but a lumpy bumpy, albeit rather small growth that appeared on my face a few months back and didn't go away.  And it bothered me but I thought it was trivial and I didn't want to waste the GP's time.

But that's the point.  It so is important to get anything like that checked out.  So I entered the doctor's office with the rather sheepish cry of 'I'm hoping that you're going to tell me off for wasting your life'.  But he didn't.  Instead he reassured me that it probably wasn't anything serious but as a precaution he'd remove it and send it for a biopsy.  Plus he said that he was rather happy to do it because he liked performing minor surgery!

So today, I've been up to the local hospital and I've had 'the thing' shaved off with a scalpel and then cauterized, ie singed, to get rid of the last little bit.  The smell of burning flesh would have pleased Hannibal the Cannibal no end!  And now the anaesthesia has worn off I'm left with a stinging face and a mark that looks way worse.  But I'm told that it'll fade in a day or two and its was oh so worth being checked out.  After all malignancies start small and are much easier to deal with at an early stage.  It's best to be safe than sorry.


  1. Thank you for highlighting this and being brave with your selfie! I had a few funny brown marks that I had checked out and removed a few years ago and thankfully they were all clear. You just never know and better safe than sorry. Actually one under my eye has grown very slightly again so I am going back to get it rechecked.

  2. I had my skin cancer (basal) taken off my face,being cut from my nose down to just into my lip. A wonderful job done by a plastic surgeon. It had started as a pearly little lump which just stayed there and did nothing for a couple of years. Only when it bled did I get it seen to. My husband had a small pockmark appear on his nose last summer and just before Christmas had a piece taken out and a skin graft. Both cancers looked so different: mine was an "outie" and his an "innie". It isn't just dark moles that need watching. The irony of it all is that neither of us seek the sun and never have. You did well to get yourself checked out.

  3. Glad it's been sorted, you're so right it's better to be safe than sorry.